The Art of Making a Home

Making a Home

Making a Home

A friend recently shared an article on “stress free homemaking.” Well, admittedly, I didn’t know there was such a thing as the stress free variety! But that is not the thing that caught my attention. It was the word “homemaking.”

Homemaking is severely underrated and under-appreciated. We often hear the term “stay-at-home-mom” and such, but I think we just try to relabel it to acquire some sort of legitimacy. But, no window dressing is needed. Making a home is hard work and it comes with stress – but the good kind of stress. Making a home isn’t cleaning the house, it isn’t cooking dinner, it isn’t taking care of the kids – necessarily, although some of those things might be included.

Making a home is putting your arms around your husband or wife and holding them tight. Making a home is not losing your temper when your spouse does something to annoy you or disappoints you. Why should it annoy you – you are on their team – your job is to provide an assist whenever needed. Making a home is keeping priorities straight – God, family, work, and everything else down the line. Making a home is staying up late, getting up early, making the umpteenth PB&J, going to school programs or homeschool activities, and a thousand thankless tasks every day.

Homemaking isn’t an easy way out, it is the dearest sacrifice you will ever make – but, strangely, it won’t feel like a sacrifice because it is what you chose to do. Mom, dad, grandparent, whomever the homemaker in your home is – know that the work you do is the most important work to be done. So, do it well. The results will speak for themselves!

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