New Harper Lee Novel to be Released

To Kill a Mockingbird,

To Kill a Mockingbird,

To Kill a Mockingbird,[/caption]

Just saw online that a newly re-discovered Harper Lee novel will be released in July, 2015. According to online reports, it is titled “Go Set a Watchman” and is set 20 years after the ending of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as Scout returns to fictional Maycomb, Alabama. Ms. Lee supposedly wrote this book first, then the famous “To Kill a Mockingbird” but this is considered a sequel due to the setting, not a prequel due to the timing of the writing.

Of course, some people are questioning the authenticity of Ms. Lee’s intent to release the book since she is known to be a virtual recluse and is reportedly in ill health.

In any case, her fans, including me, eagerly await publication of the book. Only time will tell if this new novel breaks the spell of To Kill a Mockingbird or opens up the story line to a whole new generation.

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