“Awesome May Not Mean What You Think it Means

awesome superman“That was awesome!” Really? Any more, I’m not sure exactly what that means.

Awesome, used like this, is a descriptor, a label, a name. What does awesome mean? It should have a definite meaning, but unfortunately today it means what we think it means. Oh yeah, it has a dictionary definition but we think the dictionary is out of touch with today’s modern usage. If you rely on the dictionary meaning you will communicate with about 5% of the population. (If you are curious, look up the definition of awesome, you might be surprised).

Standards are low. But, what is my evidence of low standards? The abysmal way in which we use the word awesome. If you can get enough people to repeat and buy into your new definition, it will stick in everyone’s mind and it will become the default definition.

Before we realize it, we begin using awesome in a careless way, almost as a by-phrase that really means nothing.

How was your trip? Awesome!
Want a cherry popsicle? Awesome!
This is free. Awesome!

Low standards. For some, that is awesome.

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Visionary of Awsomeness!

successful man athlete

Not a Real Consultant

Have you ever noticed that when coaches, life leaders, gurus, and other flotsam and jetsam promote themselves, their title generator seems to go into overdrive?

Every once in a while I will take a look on LinkedIn to see what topics are trending. I’m interested in topics such as leadership, marketing, public relations, etc., so my article feed usually includes posts from various individuals promoting their awesome potential to me, a pretty much un-awesome person.

Typically, there is a handsome headshot, smiling with perfect teeth, and they usually appear as though they are ready to break into a success-inspired laugh at any moment. If I just knew what they know, I would be brimming with excitement and be about to burst at the seams too.

Their tag lines (i.e. supposed job title) are something like this: Visionary Thought Leader, Change Agent, Success Consultant, Life Leader, Energetic Something-or-Other, and various other gobbledygook pseudo descriptors.

Translation: they don’t have a day job. Their job is to teach you how to be like them. It is to teach you to teach others to teach them to teach others to be a teacher of people like them.

Whatever happened to just plain ol’ consultants? Old fashioned, rock-ribbed consultants? The beautiful people are creating an industry to create more beautiful people. It’s window dressing. If I need advice it is generally on how to do something I don’t already know how to do. Ok, truth be told, I don’t know how to be a beautiful person, but that’s not my main concern.

I’m concerned with adding value, creating something, doing something better, or adding a little bit to humanity. Sometimes that looks like work. So, wannabe consultant, teach me how to do something. Show me how to improve my web site’s SEO, how to do a split test with my latest email campaign, how to paint, or draw, or wrap presents better. Something, just teach me something! That would be truly beautiful!

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